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Since 1960, Glennie Heights State School has benefited from strong leadership and teaching; backed up by supportive parents/caregivers and community connections.
Ensuring access to a variety of quality programs requires:


  • students to actively participate
  • parents to support the student, staff and school
  • teachers to provide substantial and authentic learning experiences
  • schools to maintain a successful learning facility/environment.


We are a ‘You Can Do It’ school that focuses on the ‘Keys to Success’. The keys (Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along, Resilience and Confidence) support everything we do as a school community. This positive behaviour strategy has been operating at Glennie Heights since 2006 and has greatly contributed to the Social and Emotional Wellbeing of our community.  Our 2013 Discipline Audit report indicated extremely high levels of consistency across all areas of behaviour management and feedback that linked You Can Do It with this success.

Glennie Heights State School is constantly evolving; using historical knowledge and understandings in partnership with current educational practice. Effectively utilising 9.00 am – 3.00 pm means addressing the changing needs of students and teachers.


Some of our more recent innovations/changes have been:

  1. 2012 - break times were renegotiated to better reflect current eating habits and responding to ‘Sunsafe School’ priorities. Hence the introduction of 10.00 am fruit break, 11.00 am to 11.45 am lunchtime and 1.15 pm to 1.45 pm snack.
  2. 2013 - a new specific area was designated for before school arrivals and after school bus students
  3. 2014 - a futher review of break times supported a change to eating areas; we are currently trialing this initiative. 
  4. 2015 - a variety of lunchtime clubs/sporting groups have emerged to provide students with activities of interest. Dance, Touch Football, Netball and Softball are currently being offered.
  5. 2016 - all classroom spaces and office areas air conditioned.
  6. 2017 - all oval areas serviced with underground, pop up sprinklers attached to our water catchment tanks.
  7. 2018 - Kitchen Garden Program extended with undercover learning space.


As well, the ‘Active After Schools’ Program operated twice a week between 3.15 pm and 4.15 pm from 2012 and 2014. In 2015, the Federal Government supported a new initiative; details were announced and during 2016/17/18 and 19 we participate in 'Sporting Schools'. These programs have assisted in reinvigorating a love of sport and activity; that together with academic pursuits have allowed for the development of the whole child.


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