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Student leadership

Student Leadership at Glennie Heights State School is based on the following beliefs:
·        To provide an active and supportive role in student management
·        To provide a role model for all students
·         To represent the school on required occasions
·        To assist other students to be the best they can
*The Student Leadership Model is an integral part of our school and is designed to evolve over time.
The model
·        Promotes the needs and interests of students
·        Enhances the role of students
·        Recognises the positive role students play in the development of a supportive school environment
·        Provides opportunities for students to be involved in school decision making (where appropriate)
At Glennie Heights State School, extension of student skills is a focus of the school. Students are encouraged through programs such as
·        Participation in student forums to raise ideas and concerns
·        Sporting Activities
·        Opportunities to be leaders in the classroom and playground
Rights and Responsibilities
At Glennie Heights State School all students have clearly defined rights and responsibilities as follows:
·        Work, play, and learn in a friendly, safe and supportive school
·        Receive respect, courtesy and full support of staff, parents and other students
·        Be informed about school rules, procedures and activities
·        Have experiences that meet their learning and developmental needs
·        Be informed of options, strategies and support available if concerns arise
·        Be friendly, safe and helpful in their interactions with other students, staff and parents
·        Be prepared and organised for learning
·        Follow school rules, procedures and activities (Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible)
·        Participate in school activities and complete assigned tasks to the best of their ability
·        Seek and use options, strategies and support if concerns arise
·        Wear correct school uniform
·        Commit to and Model the 5 Keys to Success (You Can Do It) Confidence, Organisation, Emotional Resilience, Getting Along, Persistence